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RE: any/all ur-q drivers (non-20v)


Went through the same thing as you when looking for a quick Quattro for
street/track. Found every Urq I drove to be considerably slower than my
chipped 5000. Also was very disappointed with the performance of the 20v NA
coupes, particularly at this altitude (5000ft plus) - they have absolutely
no low-end and very little mid-range torque. 

My recommendation - get a 5000TQ (preferably 87 or 88) and chip it -- or, if
you like smaller, quicker handling cars, get a 4000Q (85-87) and put a turbo
motor in it.

Gary Kaklikian
86 5kcstq
86 4kcsq (turbo soon)

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From: David Coleman [mailto:dcoleman@blackrock.com]
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Subject: any/all ur-q drivers (non-20v)

I'm shopping for a replacement for my 86 4kq (which will make someone
very happy in the near future... I'm just looking for a change and a bit
more zoot).

I'm considering both the 20v CQ and an ur-q.  Without getting into why
I'm interested in either, I have a somewhat ambiguous question... how
fast are the ur-qs?  I just got back from driving an '85 w/ 86k miles,
with essentially one owner.  Basically looked/ran like an 86k mile Audi
(but way cooler).  I'm somewhat familiar with these cars, but had never
driven one past 1st gear, and was somewhat surprised with its apparent
lack of power.

I took it to the happy end of the tach several times, the boost guage
pegged around 1.5 (just before the lines got smaller), but the car just
wasn't getting there.  Granted, I had two passengers, but hell, my 4kq
would have given it a bit of a run to 60 (and that thing's pretty
slow).  That said, I didn't get much past 65 mph, and the owner/seller
said the exhaust was probably to blame (it had been replaced, but
modified to fit or something -- it looked pretty much the way it should
have, though).  This car is basically stock, purchased from Germany and
Americanized in '85.

It has an analog dash (not all '85s were digital?), and there were
inconsistencies with the numbers, but I honestly have the feeling it's a
"legitimate" car.  One other thing, there was a hydraulic leak, looked
like the steering hose.  Is this the same $$ hose from a 5kt?

Do these cars really not get up until 80 mph, or is the flat response
probably due to the extra weight?  The car has been maintained by a
mechanic that the seller really believs in (bmws, rolls, jags, and the
occasional saab/volvo in the lot), and I'd be surprised to see the
timing way off or something.  Any insight would be appreciated.

Dave Coleman