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RE: 93-95 90q - Plus sized wheels/tire BTDT

If you're referring to a 4000 Quattro:
I'm using 15x7" wheels with 37mm offset and 205/50-15 tires. Had to roll the
fender lips in the back and front (?!) for clearance when cornering hard.
Car is lowered about 1.5" and has very stiff suspension. Just ordered some
16x7.5" wheels with 35mm offset and 215/40-16 tires -- this setup will be
about .3" wider but .4" shorter, so it should still clear.

Gary Kaklikian
86 5kcstq
86 4kcsq (turbo soon)

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Subject: RE: 93-95 90q - Plus sized wheels/tire BTDT

Since we're on this wheel kick, what is a good offset for a 4000S in a 15"
or 16" wheel?  Something that would fill out the wheel wells, but not have a
problem with rubbing.

'86 4000S

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> I have had 16' TSW Blades with 225/50's on my 95 90 quattro.  This was a
> close fit to the suspension I would not recommend this figment.  I just
> bought 17' BBS RX wheels with  Bridgestone Pole Positions 215/45/17ZR.
> Many listers have said that it is hard to find a 215 tire, I had no
> problem though.  Actually I had a good amount of options.  There is
> another problem with the 4x108 bolt pattern, there are about 20-30
> wheels to choose from in the 16' and about 4 to choose from in the 17'
> size give or take several wheels.
> Scott
> 95 90 quattro sport