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Re: Urquattro pinstripes

Yep.  But what about items 33 (trim strip lower), 34 (1 set of trim strips
for front spoiler) and 35 (1 set of trim strips for lining panel)?

Is the width of the upper and lower pinstripe the same?  I was under the
impression that I'd need 32, (32), 33(x2), 34 and 35.  Maybe I'm reading
ETKA wrong...

Jouko Haapanen

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Urquattro pinstripes


>> I can match the original pinstripe color (silver) but now I need the
>> widths of the upper and lower pinstripes to get my tape man to apply the
>> stripes.  If someone either knows the widths or could measure them for me
>> I'd appreciate it.
>Part # 857 898 515/6.  Colour code required - 97A for Diamond Silver,
>01C is Satin Black.  GBP50 for enough to do the whole car.
>ETKA AQS/88/8/53/83-00 items 32 and (32).
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