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RE: 4000 Quattro and other stuff..

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Brendan/Coolian wrote:

> >#2&3 - I think you said you wanted BOge TG with H&R springs and 16"
> >wheels.  DOnt.  With the higher spring rates and extra weight of 16"
> >wheels most people I have talked to think the TG is over worked with
> Sigh...My thoughts exactly...I was hoping to get some gold trim around the 
> license plate and fuzzy curtains for the back window....But I guess I'll 
> just go with the 15" wheels.

	:-)  Heh, Heh.   Dont get me wront, 16's are fine.  Just not
needed unless you spend a LOT of time at the track and you need the shocks
to match.  For a daily driver I'm VERY happy with my 15's.  Only advantage
to 16's is better selection of tire choices.  IE....you cant get Yoko
A520s, or Bridghstone S-02's in 15" sizes.  Oh well.   Such as life.
Choices, Choices.

> I know I'm going to get wet on the ground....

	Yep, sure will. :-)  Stick a plastic tarp under car before you
crawl under it. 

> Mods:
> K&N Filter
> ATE Powerdics
> Steel brake lines (soon)
> H&R-Boge TG-Strut Brace (soon)

	I got my SS lines from GPR for like $45 or maybe $65 I cant
remember.  Pretty nice. They are the NON-Sheathed SS lines and aren't DOT
leagal though.  Dot ones are much more but I dont need them in this state.
	Also, what strut brace you are going to use.  I am making my own.