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RE: race car?

It really sounds like a race car when you have holes in the muffler.  :)

Actually, even thought there's a lot of VW parts in there, they are put
together awfully well.  My '86 4000 has 145,000mi and it's nice and quiet
and virtually creak free.  I've driven an Olds Alero rental (required when
my dad got nailed by an SUV this winter in his 4000) and the handling is a
little spooky to say the least.  The V6 is nice, but a quick flick to change
lanes, leaves me a little scared.    I can't believe they sell a car that
handles that "weird."  Is there a patent on good handling that the Europeans
own and the Americans can't infringe on?


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> Howdy Audi Fans,
>     The other day I let my friend who usually drives a neon drive my car.
> His response "I feel like I'm driving a race car"  this was a comment
> about
> the lack of play in the steering.  Another friend told me that my car has
> less play in the steering than a Ferrari.  That said the neon is faster.
>     A girl I took on a date also said my car sounded like a race car when
> I
> red lined it in 2nd on the freeway.  Makes me feel better about spending
> all
> my money on a 15 yr old 100 hp car with 153,000 miles on it!
> Laters,
> Jeremiah Curry
> '84 Coupe GT (2.1 L)