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Re: Urquattro pinstripes


    Agreed!  I think that car looks SOOO much better with the original
pinstriping and the Audi door rings.  I have seen a lot of them recently
without anything and I think they look plain and dull.  Just an opinion though.
I have even seen some without the rings on the grille.  Looks awful!  The
only excuse for this is unless you do what Scott Davis did and replaced his
entire grille with a big custom intercooler!  :)

    Anyways, I was just thinking.  Some detailed photos from an Audi book
(we all have several of those around!), and I'm sure any decent pin stripe
shop could do it!  Not too difficult.  Just unusual locations.

    Man, I really want a totally original UrQuattro!  I think I would fix it
up and keep it totally stock and totally original just because they are so rare
and in the last few years I don't think I have seen one unmodified one!  This
may be a crime.  Another option would be to pull the original motor out, drop
in a bored out and modified MC, and then rebuild the original motor.  That
way if you blow a motor or throw a rod, you don't blow up the original motor
and you also get to enjoy the reliablity and modifyability of the newer motor.
Maybee a dual knock sensor 10V MC out of a later 200.  That would be the
ultimate!  But, I would keep it's appearance totally stock..pinstripes and all!
UrQuattros in general are getting cheaper, but the really nice ones, the few
that there are, are getting very expensive (i.e. $26.5K!!!!)  I may just have
to buy one that is a little on the rough side and fix it up.

    1990 200tq (Cayenne Mica Metalic/Black leather "sport" interior)