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race car?

Jeremiah said:
>  The other day I let my friend who usually drives a neon drive my car...

In 95, I tooted along in a rental Neon when my 5000sq was getting
repaired. I really liked the car. Light, peppy engine, handled pretty
good. Made my 5000 feel like a barge. Now... of the used Neons I have
seen, I wouldn't give a dime to drive one. They just don't seem to have
the durability Audi/VW has.

My GTi 16v is light, engine is strong, handles pretty good for having
shot tires-struts-etc. The engine makes just the right noises- popping
and snapping at the right times- gets attention when I rev at the light.

But its a 2 door hatch and no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.