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Re: cost of cars

Oh, they have service departments. Cause they are trying to get me to bring
our leased Toyota in for "customer care service."
My response? "I'm leasing, right?"
Service guy "Yes."
Me: "So, I give it back to you?"
Him: "Right."
Me: "well, if you want the service done, you better pay for it, cause I sure

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Subject: Re: cost of cars

> i actually talked to my mechanic about this.  everything
> breaks down sooner or later.  this car (and the fuel pump)
> has 160k miles on it.  he said newer cars are so reliable
> that it's hard to know where to start when one actually
> does have a problem, because there isn't much past
> experience to draw from.
> one thing i can say about the honda line is that stuff like
> switches, door handles, and allt hat crap just don't ever
> break.  and there's no asinine vacuum system running
> everything, either.
>On Thu, 4 Mar 1999 Ssgacc@aol.com wrote:
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>]<< honda civic.
>] fuel pump went, and they also want to replace the relay
>] and the fuel filter.
>]  >>
>]Huh?  The brainwashing leads me to state this is illogical as NOTHING EVER
>]breaks on a Honda.  Or a Yotato.  I didn't even think Japanese car
>]HAD service departments.
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