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Re: Off Topic, need model boxes

Audifan1@aol.com writes:

>Sorry for the WOB, am looking for plastic boxes/cases
>to display my slowly growing collection of model cars into.
>Any sources?
>Ron Roth  audifan1@aol.com  Ithaca NY USA  1984 4000s "Heidi" 

The commercial ones are relatively expensive.  When my friend 
needed a display for his business (auto related and he wanted
a nice lobby display) we priced around, the ones we did find, 
well lets just say he'd have to sell his collection to afford 
the case.  

I went to a sign place (looked under "plexiglass" or some such
heading in the phone book). Went there and bought the plexiglass
all cut and bent to his specs for about $150.  The display case
is about 5 feet by 4.5 feet. Since the back is clear, you can
put a mirror behind it, posters etc. depending on the effect
you like.  There is also the advantage of making the case fit
your space, not the other way around.

Well made smaller display cases can be bought at model and 
hobby shops for about $80, but the ones I've seen are for 
1/43 scale.



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