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Re: 120mph??? Yes.

>Regardless of whether there is traffic on the road or not...what happens if
>a tire blows?  There isn't anything that's going to save you...not at those
>speeds, not even the beloved quattro system.

Man, I had this happen in a Ford van.  I was in the middle of literally
nowhere.  A long not to steep grade lay ahead of me.  I pushed the pedal to
the metal.  The speedo on the van goes to 85.  I had it wrapped all the way
around to 5 or 10.  I must have been going near 120.  Then, the back right
tire tread came off.  IT REALLY SCARED ME.  I will NEVER EVER do that again
in a huge 7000 pound vehicle with out speed rated tires.  It was only me in
the van.

Glad to be here today.

BTW, yeah I have hit nearly 170 mph before, but again only me on a desolate
road.  I went there specifically to see how fast I could go.  Car was a V8 5
speed.  I was going down hill again.  Once I hit what I though was max speed
I reset the digital average speed display.  When I was going slow enough to
look at it, it read 168.  Man what a rush.

Okay, before the flaming starts, I am a VERY sensible drive in traffic and
towns.  I will never ever go these high speed runs with anyone in the car.