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RE: 120mph??? Yes. And more....


Don't take me wrong (I started the blown tire idea), I _still_ pull my cars
up to that speed too.  It's just _something_ to think about, and I thought
it should be voiced...especially for younger listers who have never thought
about it...admit it, we've all been there.

I've got Post Concussion Syndrome from too many hits to the head...I still
race on my snowboard, I still mountain bike, I still drive fast when it's
the safest it _can_ be.

I like the rush.  But I've thought about, and weighed, the
consequences...something we should all do.

We all know the right thing to do is to keep the overly excessive speeds to
the track...but we don't need to start that thread again!

I'm not trying to be a righteous speed preacher, but you, Bob Myers, many
others and I have all _thought_ about the consequences. Although it's a
blast to talk about 120mph+ we need to be careful that we also present what
_can_ and does happen.