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A/C musings...

On my '84 5kS, I've had intermittently hot air when it should
be cold, and in the past I've had the impression that it
sometimes got hot after being cold (el. cable problem?) , and 
running the temp way up and
then back down has sometimes helped.
I'd been putting off looking at the Bowden cable etc.,
and had some hope it might just be electrical.

Today, I had it set at 74, cold air lightly blowing;
I pushed it to 72, and it got hot moments later.

Does this sound to anyone besides me like this is the
malfunctioning poti in the 'programmer', as per

Which one of the outside poti pins should the 680Kohm R be
attached to? (or is that obvious due to only one of them
being used by teh programmer)

Finally something I can fix with a soldering iron.... <:)