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Re: 120mph??? Yes.

". ." wrote:

> Seeing as the list seems to be getting a bit PC, I'll refrain
> from inquiring about the strange body oscillations that occur
> in the V8 at 140MPH, least I stir the ire of the "enlightened"
> ones on the list.
> Cobram@Juno.Com

In reference to the "body oscillations"......

Probably turbulence or even body lift from all the air passing under the

Wonder if Audi ever wind tunnel tested the V8 (or any model) for
reactions/turbulence "at speed"?????
That would be a fun senior project in college! Any young pups out there in
the scholastic world want to give it a shot? Granted you would have to use
a model rather than the real thing, so the data wouldn't be 100% accurate,
but it would still be interesting.

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