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Re: 5000 vs 200 TQ Avant


      I have owned both a 5000CSTQ and now a 1990 200TQ and I can tell
you there is a difference, although both models are wonderful cars and
are built to the highest quality.  Some people say "overbuilt" which
adds to the complexity and difficulty of working on them.  I say
there's no such thing as overbuilt!

      Anyways, I would look for a later 200tq 10v!  The 10V motor is
bullet proof (both versions!).  The later 200 models had a driver's
side airbag, updated dash with wood trim, Torsen centre diff, dual
knock sensor motor, and BBS wheels.  The later motor (89.5 and
on...check the vin) has dual knock sensors, a k24 turbo, higher
compression, better cam, better pistons, lighter flywheel, two peice
exhaust manifold, and improved electronics.  Each of these changes is
minimal, but as a whole I'd say the 200 is a much more refined car than
the 5000 and is quicker to boot!  But, both are great cars and can be
easily modified to gain better performance.

      There is a black '87 5000CSTQ Avant for sale at KAR (Kent
Anderson Resources on MN).  Thier web site is
http://www.karquattro.com.  Go to wagons.  There is also some photos of
a nice saphire '89 200tqw in there, but it is sold.

      There is a pretty nice '87 5000CSTQW for sale locally in Raleigh,
NC for $3250.  Sounds like a very fair price.  It can be seen at
http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/rickh/fs_5ktqw.html.  The
owners name is Rick Hunt, and he can be reached at (919) 553-8195.  I
have never actually seen the car in person and I have no connection to
the seller.  Just passing on the info.

      I'm not aware of any 10V 200TQW's for sale at this time, however
they usually comand a higher premium over a 5000.  The 20V Avants are
the most expensive (and can be quite high) due to thier desirability
and rarity.  There were only 165 20V wagons imported to the US and were
only offered in 1991.  They are hard to find and usually fetch a high
dollar for nice ones.