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Re: 120mph??? Yes.

I applaud you, Dan, Uou have made sense out of a very difficult issue.
Now on to firearms....
The Lawyer jokes won't end but I'll be more thoughtful about their

Ralph Cook

Dan Sinclair wrote:

> If you don't like the laws of the United States, fight to change them,
> run
> for office, lobby the legislature, or choose to break them, but don't
> delude
> yourself into thinking that you're entitled to break the laws as you
> see fit
> because "your risk is your business and your business alone".
> Again though, my original message was "be careful" NOT "be anal".
> There's a
> difference.
> Catharsis done, soapbox off.
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> >Regardless of whether there is traffic on the road or not...what
> happens if
> >a tire blows?  There isn't anything that's going to save you...not at
> those
> >speeds, not even the beloved quattro system.
> Here is a thought.  So what.  When you travel that fast, youtake a
> risk.
> I personally accept that risk and try to minimize it as much as
> possible.
>  but there are a billion variables.
> I dont understand why anyone should be able to tell anyone else the
> level
> of risk they should take.  Along this vane, its silly for the
> government
> to mandate seat belt usage, helmets on motorcycles, or even drugs.
> All
> they are doing is telling people not to take risks with their own
> lives.
> Seriously, there is no real risk to the passenger if there is an
> accident
> and the driver isnt wearing their seat belt, or if a motorcyclist isnt
> wearing a helmet, it doesnt endanger anyone else.
> Everyone should be responsible for their own risk...
> later...
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