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Re: 120mph??? Yes.

Dan Sinclair wrote:
> Lots of testing in all conditions, and testing that you might not even think
> of.  Porsche for instance did a lot of R&D and testing before coming up with
> something as seemingly strait forward as the new 911 Targa glass sliding
> roof.  In one test, a German test driver nearly lost an eardrum when he
> opened the roof at speed.  The roof motor opened the roof too quickly,
> causing a massive pressure change.  Literally popped the drivers ears to the
> point that he shut the car down to attend to the pain.  Ouch!

Remember their faux pax with the original sliding glass roof that slid
in front of the rear window?  It was polarized differently than the rear
window, and when it slid back the rear view was essentially black!

I remember reading about it but I dont know where...