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CIS test equipment suggestions

I would like to give up and get myself a decent multimeter. Are there any
particular ones that you like/don't like? which options do you think you
use most when tuning cis? I am thinking besides standard multimeter stuff
like VAOhm I would like to have a tach, duty cycle measurements,
minvoltage/maxvoltage, is there anything else I need that I am missing? How
much should I expect to pay?

Also, are there any scopes out there that run off the car battery?

Thanks for your suggestions,

One of my thoughts was to get a pcmcia a2d data aquisition  card and write
a program to do all of these things and maybe others with a laptop, but
they run at least $500. Maybe I should look for some cheap a2d cards, I
don't really need a 12 bit resolution to tune a non-turbo car...