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I feel the need.... the need for speed!!!

Having absolutely no fear of death... (just dying slowly) I have most
enjoyed life at the edge of automotive performance.

Three moments in particular stand out in the quest for speed and the rush
that follows...

Late 70's - '66 426 Hemi-Charger - 60 mph - hit the "pedal to the metal" -
smoke and a chirp as the rear end breaks loose - hooks up - and then slams
me back into the seat on the way to 120mph!

Late 80's - '89 Porsche 911 Carrera - late at night - brand new stretch of
open hi-way no-one around - slow buildup to 245 kph.  What a rush!!

Last August - '93 BMW M5 - Last of the hand built in-line sixes - 3am - well
lit hi-way no-one around - at 160 kph foot to the floor - pulls like freight
train until the rev limiter cuts in at an indicated 265 kph.  Can't describe
that feeling.

Looking for 300 next!

Peter B.
1990 200TQ - 10V - Stock for now.

(No - none of them were mine)