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Re: 120mph??? Yes. Yes.

In a message dated 99-03-05 15:30:52 EST, Jouko writes:

<< So will Finnish drivers (in Germany), 260km/h indicated Köln-Aachen in the
 dark with light rain. >>
June 1980 was my first experience on the bahn.  Coming from airport in Koln,
good Uncle lets me drive his 3 month old 240D.  After 15 minutes with it on
the floorboard I'm feeling pretty confident.  Fairly steady rain but an
otherwise clear day and I'm now passing everything on the road.  All of a
sudden Uncle shouts to get right!  Just as I get out of the left lane a big
Merc rips by and about sucks the front end off the car.  Me "Holy $hit!".
Uncle casually mentions he was doing about 250-260 kph.  Right then and there
I KNEW I needed a heavier hitter.  I've never been the same since that drive.
Oh, by the way, my mom sat silent in the backseat the whole trip and didn't
say a word but I think her hair turned white by the end.

Jim Accordino