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Re: filth around plugs...

I, too, have noticed this sludge buildup (87 5kt)... The weird thing is, all the
explanations sound plausible. Certainly the stem-seals theory should result in
an improved condition... but if the seals are that bad, would there be
noticeable oil consumption? My engine at 192k has exhibited the sludge since I
have owned the car (70k miles worth)- but in that time, I have yet to need to
add a *drop* between changes- no smoke either- hence, I can't see replacing the
seals only for the sludge problem.
Am I far wrong here?
Ssgacc@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 99-03-05 11:01:28 EST, you write:
> << My $0.02.  Don't think petrol would yield this filth.  It evaporates
>  to readily.  My $0.02 is on oil creeping past the threads/sealing gasket
>  and bad valve stem seals as the predominant source of the oil.
>  Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 280K Miles:)
>   >>
> I'll go with Mark's analysis.  On my 200tq with 160k miles I couldn't keep
> that area clean.  Within 1 week after washing the engine that oil filth was
> back.  When I renewed the cylinder head I replaced the valve guides and stem
> seals.  Now that area stays dry and clean.  Also the spark plugs themselves
> remain much whiter much longer.  The old stem seals were definitely toast.
> The sludge is partially cooked oil with some petrol residue, and the grit is
> normally thrown up while driving.  It just has something tacky to cling to
> here.  Without the oil filth the few grits that accumulate in this pocket
> remain dry and are easily blown out prior to removing the plugs.  IMHO.
> Jim Accordino