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Re: filth around plugs...

In a message dated 99-03-05 21:50:46 EST, you write:

<< but if the seals are that bad, would there be
 noticeable oil consumption? My engine at 192k has exhibited the sludge since
 have owned the car (70k miles worth)- but in that time, I have yet to need to
 add a *drop* between changes- no smoke either- hence, I can't see replacing
 seals only for the sludge problem >>

My car burned NO oil either.  Not at startup or off throttle after WOT.  But I
did use about 1 quart between changes. About 2500-4000 miles to lose 1 quart.
Also car would idle at about .4 or .5 bar.  The base of the spark plug body
where the threads start had a hard black coating and thick black goop on
threads.  Rest of plug looked very good, very light tan to white with almost
no deposits.  After head renewal engine only uses approx. 1/4 quart after 3000
miles, holds .2 bar at idle and .1 bar off throttle after WOT, and the plugs
stay real CLEAN.  Inside combustion chamber is actually shiny the metal is so
clean.  Inspite of no visible oil burning I knew the valve seals HAD to be
leaking and after inspecting the removed ones, I knew I was right.  I've seen
it on EVERY high mileage engine I disassembled, regardless of make.  Viton
seems to be the material of choice for high end applications, but the number
of heat/cold cycles and oil/chemical exposure take their toll.

Jim Accordino