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Re: A4 1.8T

trolling or not?  i'll bite -

ECU programming consists of rewriting maps for fuel mixture, boost pressure, fuel
pressure, timing and a few other thingys for various conditions and compromises.
it has to take into account compromises for engine life, mileage, and very
importantly the capacity characteristics of all the hardware in the system.  in
the old days you could put bigger parts on here and there, then muck with your
carb jets and ignition timing to get it to more or less work, but its all in the
ECU now, so any change you make to the motor has to be programmed around.

if you are going to spend this kind of dough, mix and match is a bad idea.  the
Neuspeed ECU PROM that you'll be putting in will be (ok _should_ be) designed and
tuned specifically for a stock motor plus the exact Neuspeed kit parts.  sure you
_might_ get a little better performance from a different manifold (and the only
way to really compare them is put them both on a flow bench), but if you do, it's
dumb luck.  you're already screwing with the equation by using a different
aftermarket exhaust, unless the ABT exhaust is what the Neuspeed chip is written

i have BTDT BTW (w/ non audi vehicles), and if you start putting on parts that
don't match what the computer needs, you get to drive around with your check
engine light on in limp home mode, oh boy is that fun after dumping money on
aftermarket parts.

pick a tuner that has a good track record and the offerings you want, and go with
a system that is tuned to work together - manifolds, chip, exhaust, etc.  there's
a reason they do that goofy 'Stage 1-2-3' stuff, and it is so the ECU programming
will match all the new flow capacity of your expensive manifolds, turbos,
exhausts, whatever...  and the good chip tuners will work with you when you want
to upgrade further - i.e. discount the next chip for your next set of mods.


A24k4x4@aol.com wrote:

> Good evening,
> I want to do some upgrades to a A4 1.8T from TAP.  They have a tubular header
> and a down pipe with a hi-flow cat.  This will be added to an ABT exhaust
> back.  We will also be doing the K04 turbo with ECU upgrade from Neuspeed.  My
> question is the Neuspeed can come with an exhaust manifold that has been
> Extrude honed as an extra.  Which one of these manifolds will work best?  The
> Extrude honed one or the tubular header one and why?
> Thanks for your response.
> Al Swackhammer