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83 CGT Electrical Prob. -- No start

    Just went outside to replace a broken wire on my right power window
(broken in rubber door boot).   Anyway, removed glovebox and door panel to get
at both sides of wire as it goes through the boot.  Replaced it from the
regulator back to the 2 prong connector just inside the car.  Reconnected the
battery, worked OK.  I then (with battery connected and radio on, key in on
position) put the glove box back in.  I gave a gentle tug on the glove box
switch wires to get them out of the way of the box frame.  The radio
immediately cut off.  Turned the key off and the radio came back on.  Turned
the key back to the off position and it cut off again.  The voltmeter was
dropping quickly from 12 to 8 so I turned the key back off and repulled thre
ground strap.  I connected a ohm meter to the + terminal of the battery and to
the disconnected from battery ground strap.  Ohm meter read 0 ohms.  Then I
pulled the fuse for the radio and interior lights.  Ohm meter read 120 ohms.
Pulled all  fuses, and ohm meter still reads 120. Question:  With all the
fuses pulled, where is the short, and why did it occur as I was installing the
glovebox?   Any help at all is appreciated.


'81 4k/4E - 300k mi.
'83 CGT - 185k mi.
'85 CGT - 86k mi. - parts