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Re: S6 FS -> Brampton, ON CANADA

Dave Hord wrote:

> 1997 S6, 63,000km. $40k
> http://www.bramgatevw.com/Used.cfm?Vehicle=16759

OK folks, I lost my sleep!

Last time it happened back in '94 when my ultimate car of the time (a
Tornado Red '89 200TQ, with big K26, no airbag, no wood on the dash,
optional heated bolstered Recaros, BBS RS, well, the regulars of the
List know this car well :-) showed up in the classifieds.
That Saturday at 06:00 I was on the road, cashiers cheque in hand and by
19:00 of the same day I was babying the 200 to my garage.

An urgent advice from the BTDT crowd is needed:
1. How involved is the process of buying a Canadian car? Who performs
the federalisation? May I retain the speedo calibration in km/h?
2. Which sales tax will I have to pay? The 6% PA one or the 17% ON one?
3. Will I have trouble selling the car in the US .... mmm 10 years from
now? :-) The '97 S6 were never officially imported...
4._Any_ other questions that I overlooked in my zeal to get this Pearl

Wish me luck, fellows. Dave, thank you _very_ much for the tip. If I buy
it I'll shower you in your favourite drink!

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros