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Stabilant 22

Fellow Listers,
I've followed the recent posts about flaky AutoCheck display units, and like
clockwork, the one on my '92 100S is now also acting up. Sounds like the
usual symptoms, either horizontal lines across the display or just random
pattern of dots on the screen. Sometimes it works fine, other times it
doesn't. Stabilant 22 seems to be the best way to fix this problem, and I
have a couple of questions about it.

(1) Where can I buy this stuff? I checked out their website
(http://www.stabilant.com/), and it mentions that it can be had through VW.
So can I obtain it from the dealer, or is there a better source? How much
does the stuff cost?
(2) Where on the AutoCheck system should it be placed? Does it go on the
contacts on the 15 pin connector that ties in with the printed board on the
back of the cluster, or someplace else?


'92 100S (78k)