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H&R Springs

I too have been thinking of asking this...hadn't seen any responses to
this query.  Typical for us 90q owners :-)

FWIW the 1999 winter Quattro Quarterly has an ad from TSW showing a
picture of an '93 90CS, claiming it has 17x8" wheels, 215/45R17 tires, 
H&R Sport Springs and Bilstein Sport Shocks.  

I guess SOMEONE has done it..

94 90SQ 75kkms
no mods installed..(new stereo goes in when it warms up outside)

>Has anyone put H&R springs in their 90q?  I am interested in the ride
>quality and how much they lowered the car.  Do they make a coilover for
>the 90q?


>95 90 quattro sport