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Gas & Brakes

1. Reading through my Bentley and was wondering how many people 
were using premium gasoline rather than regular.  I get confused since 
there is more than one way to measure octane.  When the inside of my 
fuel door flap tells me I should be using 91 octane, and the pumps 
have a choice between 87, 89 and 93, should I be going with the 93 or 
am I wasting my money?

2. When I had my front end repairs done (on the car) my mechanic 
warned me that the front rotors were warped and that I would continue 
to get a shudder in the steering wheel when braking.  He assured me 
that it was not a safety issue but it's driving me ape-sh*t.  I'll be 
getting a hydraulic jack and stands this week and I'll have access to a 
second car to take the rotors to have them turned.  My question is 
when I force the calipers open to get at the rotors, will this necessitate 
me taking the top off the reservoir to avoid too much pressure on the 
brake line and will I have to bleed the lines before re-assembling 
everything?  Also, if anyone has a website or tips for this, please let 
me know, as I haven't done this before and figure that functioning 
brakes would be a good thing to have.  Searching the archives for 
"rotors" only yielded about 650 items and I'd rather not have to slog 
through all that.

New London, CT
87.5 CGT Spec. Build 
My parts/repair total since 3/14/97=$2478.86