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RE: H&R Springs

I too have a 90, 1988 2wd.  I've thought about H&R and Eibach spring
conversions but have serious concerns about the drop.  My car, with the
stock wheel and tire and suspension configuration is already fairly close to
the ground.  The nose will drag the ground on driveways and lot entrances
quite easily, and the travel over railroad tracks and speed bumps etc. is
already fairly short.  I suspect sport springs will make the clearance even
worse.  I haven't heard anything to confirm or deny such suspicions, but
things to consider.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 67K mi.
Picture and details online at:

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> Subject: H&R Springs
> I too have been thinking of asking this...hadn't seen any responses to
> this query.  Typical for us 90q owners :-)
> FWIW the 1999 winter Quattro Quarterly has an ad from TSW showing a
> picture of an '93 90CS, claiming it has 17x8" wheels, 215/45R17 tires,
> H&R Sport Springs and Bilstein Sport Shocks.
> I guess SOMEONE has done it..
> Ryan
> 94 90SQ 75kkms
> no mods installed..(new stereo goes in when it warms up outside)
> >Has anyone put H&R springs in their 90q?  I am interested in the ride
> >quality and how much they lowered the car.  Do they make a coilover for
> >the 90q?
> >Thanks
> >Scott
> >95 90 quattro sport