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Did Ford "borrow" an Audi Design(again)?

IraT in Tennessee
>And the 80's Accord hatch back looks a heck
>of a lot like an Mk II Scirocco

Take a look at http://www.isuzuperformance.com/isupage/des/gidpia.html

A little more like a Scirocco than a Sciricco.

Maybe I can clear up why some cars look alot alike, even when built by
2 totally different manufacturers.

In the case of early Audis, Giugiaro had a big hand in the designs.
Take a look at the Audi 4000, 1st gen 5000, the Eagle Premier... even
has 'Design by Giugiaro' on the bumper. His style (Italdesign's) is
used thruout the industry.

Hyundai Stellar, Sonata and 4000, 5000: Italdesign.
Excel, Golf: Italdesign.
Impulse, Scirocco: Italdesign.

Italdesign built a new style Jag study, sold it to Toyota and it was
the 1st gen 300. 

http://www.italdesign.it/ for more fun.
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