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Re: Intro/ 4ksq questions

Umm first off Bentleys are not on back order at all to my knowledge. Second
the front side markers or corner lights don't flash on that car.  Third your
rear bulbs are probably burnt out or the connections in the connectors are
corroded or pushed back.  Replace the bulbs and clean the connections is my
suggestion.  Third your flasher relay is probably bad.  Easy enough it is in
the dashboard right behind the instrument cluster it has a number 21 on the
top.  Find one at a junkyard and through it on.  Hot start problem is probably
related to a hot start pulse relay thing I have heard of many times.  This
thing keeps the engine from getting to much gas when hot if bad you just flood
the engine (not good) and it doesn't start.  Good luck with your new car they
are great especially if your car only has 86,000 on it.  Mine an 87 has around
90,000 on it and I love it.


87 4000 CS quattro