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Re: [gti-vr6] VW Sport Icwewaterfest

>>Todd from AWE got nailed for triple digits in MD coming down
from PA. Lucky MD and PA
don't share points ro Todd would be hurtin'.
    I took a load of pictures, but I am not blessed with a
digital camera,
so I will not have them developed and scanned for at least
another week.<<

Umm - my EXPERIENCE is that there IS reciprocity in MD with PA!!
I ahem - got a ticket my last trip on my last consulting job - I
used to travel weekly out of BWI - so a trip into MD on 95 was a
bi-weelky event (radar detectors unless they are top notch with
laser detectors even they are sometimes useless in MD).  There
are 2 places on 95 where the police routinely set up traps one
with laser the other with a timer - that's probably where Todd
got caught - going down a big hill - there's an overpass were the
cops sit under with a timer - either there or where 495 and 95
split - they use laser there!!
  I would call if I were Todd to find out about reciprocity - MD
has a probationary program that you can *sign*  (read PAY) up for
... It's called "plead guilty with an explaination" and if you
have a clean record in MD - they will let you off on the points
but you still have to pay the price of the ticket - you get 6
months probation in MD for speeding.
  It's funny - I got to court and plead "innocent with an
explanation" - not one of the options!!  You should have seen the
look on the judge's face ..."ahhh I mean guilty with an
explanation, your honor".

That's my MD speeding experience - Oh and BTW - not to rub it in
or anything - but I made the trip to VWsport in 1.5 hrs down and
back with an  AVERAGE speed of 76 MPH - no radar and no tickets!!
Got hit with laser - I saw the cop - I was going along at a happy
95MPH - slammed the brakes - saw him recalibarate as I went past
him - too bad for him - no reading@!!

Bob Brown