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Re: Need Alternator Mount - 1989 200tq

In message <2DACABE127B3D1119FC40000F8014EFCD0248F@chachaois4.cha.tva.gov> "Enis, Robert O" writes:

> It appears that a previous owner of my quattro must have run up on a curb
> and damaged his/her alternator.  The damage, undetected by me until now,
> also included damage to the alternator mounts and the adjusting bracket.  I
> am in need of what my dealer calls an 'anti-rear mount' for the alternator.
> Mine is missing a large piece, so the ability to secure the alternator
> firmly is comprimised.  This is the mount that the upper bolt of the
> alternator goes into.  This appears to be a casting with a shaft tipped by a
> large rubber 'knob' (the knob appears to fit into a slot in sheetmetal for
> the the front air dam.

Several purposes have been suggested for the shaft.  It is certainly
used as the anchor point for tool #2084.  The best other purpose I've
heard is that it's designed to lift the front of the engine in a heavy
smash and help to guide it under the floor.

> Does any lister have this part for sale?  Does anyone know if the same part
> can be found on 86-88 5000 models?

Extreme caution.  According to ETKA, the situation is complicated.
Before 44-J-231 679, it was part number 035 903 141K.  After this, it
was 034 903 137A.  So - a running change in the 1988 model year,
probably in March.  Except in Japan, where the same change happened at
85-K-000 889.

There are parallel changes in the alternator part numbers.

I think you have to find a donor later than the above VIN - a mid-1988
onwards car.

 Phil Payne
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