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Re: urq window problems

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

]the factory glue there is phenomenal, I once spent 4 hours removing a
]carrier from a window.
	cool, it was glued.  there is no evidence of glue on 
	my carrier, in fact, the bottom of the inside was rather
	filthy with dirt.

	i guess this would be a good job for jb weld, if i decide
	to go with glue.  seems kind of messy, after i already
	gunked it all up with silicone.  ooooops.

	when one does use glue, is it best to attatch the carrier 
	with the system in place, or when the glass and carrier
	are removed from the car?

]Anyway, you could try a piece of bicycle inner tube cut into a long
]rectangle, wrapped aroudn the bottom of the window where it goes into
]the carrier.  Should hold it quite nicely (btdt).  make sure it is
]aligned properly tho'

	very good idea!  oddly enough, i just saw a couple 
	of inner tubes at a little sidewalk sale.  i passed 
	on them, opting to load in the cat tower/scratching 
	post and sf street sign ("linda") into the coupe.

	heeeeey now i know what to do with it.  i'm going 
	to send it to linda at carlsen (that is her name, 
	right?) and sign it "love, the quattro list".

	sound like a plan?

 rocky mullin
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