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Re: Nice interior...

> >That's pretty messed up.  I'm sure no animals were hurt in the upholstering
> >of that interior, but the Audi didn't fair too well.  To each his own I
> >suppose...  Call me a traditionalist.
> I completely dig the car...Complete bastardization but done with such a
> nice touch that it made me smile....Suzanne liked it too...I heard her rev
> her engine out in the driveway....That telepathic link, don't ya know...

exactly.  I think if you;re gonna go over the top, you should go way
over and not be ashamed, the results may be quite interesting.  As with
the car in question.

I once had grey leather in my gold coupe.  looked cool for about a week,
then it was just plain wrong... whereas, a leopard print fur would have
stood the test of time!

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT