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Re: 86 CGT Digi-Dash??? What's up?

>From the Bentley, the 2.3l engine was put into production in August 
of 86.  I was always told that the 2.3l only showed up half way through 
the production year, making the 87 model year a 50/50 split between 
the 2.2 and 2.3, more or less.  I was also told that the digital dash was 
standard on the 87.  It might have found its way into your car if it was 
made very late in the model year.  Other than that I have no theories.

On 7 Mar 99, at 23:55, Kwattro@aol.com wrote:

> Audi is more screwed up than even me.  So supposedly the commemorative
> edition cars (in 86) were special with the digital dash, but I've got one.
>  So did my friends' 86 (non CE car.) as it turns out.  So apparently,
> there was no special production or meaning to the digital dash cars, other
> than Audi wanted to do something weird and different. I was getting
> excited because I thought I had bought an important car (rare 87 with the
> 2.2, I think there are more 87's with the 2.3) and I've never owned a car
> newer than 1986. I have once again been let down by an Audi.
> Thanks!
> Carter J

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