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Re: vacuum advance replacement...

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <Pine.OSF.3.95.990308141502.13637E-100000@segosf.hlo.dec.com> "G. Benedikt Rochow" writes:
> > My question: Can I remove/replace the vac. adv. unit just by
> > undoing those screws, or is that arm attached to something on
> > the inside such that I'll have to remove-from-engine/disassemble/both
> > the distributor?
> The distributor was designed while Team Doorhandle were taking a
> much-needed break.  Yes - amazingly - it's _that_ easy.  Main hazard
> is dropping the screws - they're very, very short and fall away just
> as you start to turn them.
Yes, and only _some_ of the screws need to be removed. Hard to tell
right off which ones, but after you do it the first time, you'll get it.