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Re: filth around plugs...

> The grit is something to worry about.  I carry a small stiff paintbrush
> to brush around plugs before I take them out.

Hmmm... seems to be the same crappy stuff lining the crank venting
hose, the inside of the airbox and the air tubes running to the turbo.

Anyway, last Friday evening I replaced the plugs with stock single
electrode units from NGK. The old plugs seemed to have had a lot
of substance eroded off the electrodes and cathode, but they've been
in there for far too long anyway. :) This time I put the plugs in
and then gave them the extra 1/2 - 3/4 turn more, I couldn't get the
torque wrench to work since I missing a small adaptor for the
1/2 inch head.

The plugs were lined all the way up the thread with fuel and oil,
but the prongs were good (the gap was burnt too excessive though).

I would really like to get this thing with the oil in the intake cleared
up. What was the concensus on the list again? Is the oil/fuel in
the intake air hosing from the turbo or crank vent system?