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Re: FS: '92 Audi 200 wheels...

Mmmm, unless they were optioned.  We've got a 91 200t fwd that has the

And yes, Jeff is correct. . .you will spend more time cleaning the wheels,
than driving the car.  Not bad with normal pads, but if you use a good set
of pads on the track. . .big pita.


> From: JustaxPHX@aol.com
> Don't forget that they're impossibly difficult to keep clean!  ;^)
> BTW, unless things were different in the Canadian market, the last of the
> series were sold in '91.   As far as I recall, these wheels were used
only on
> on the '89 and '90 200qs, with the FWD versions getting the aero wheel.
> JG