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Re: quattro exhausts (most)

Well I can advise you on the Stebro application on my 91 CQ. It is a tight
fight. The rear muffler hangs much lower than OE. I had to paint it flat
black to make it less noticeable. Because I used a splice-in high flow
cat, the Stebro cat back could not bolt up to the cat, so it was welded.
This affected rear fitment considerably. The rear section kept coming
loose, despite welded nuts and bolts. My system decimated the fiberous
exhaust doughnuts in 2 weeks. After about 8 trips to different muffler
shops, I went to Autobahn Performance in ATL (plug) and they fitted
regular steel doughnuts and Wuerth copper exhaust nuts/bolts. One year
later at it still doesn't leak. The sound is very nice. Too loud for my
wife, she won't ride in it, but quieter than the Scorpion. I think the
Scorpion is a better fit. I think the best systems for the price are the
combo ones using techtonics or borla, etc. pieces rather than Stebro. But
on another Audi it may be perfect.
C Wells
91 CQ

David Coleman wrote:

> Has anyone any experience w/ Stebro exhausts for their quattro?  Their
> website
> http://infoweb.magi.com/~andypet/index.html
> is worth a look.  Just wondering if their products are worth their
> "metal" (mettle)...
> Thanks,
> -Coleman