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re: volume down

If we need more volume, I am always good for more questions about my new
car. (89 200tqw)

So, far, I've fixed a loose alternator wire, got the charging working.

Then, on my first test ride Sunday night, I noticed the belts squealing
(which Dan Simoes had told me about, but I had forgotten). I decided to
deal with it later. Well, about 30 sec. after I get it on the highway,
the belt snaps. and I floor it to get to the next exit, with the battery
voltage slowly declining to 6V!. Coast to a halt off the exit @ Kinkos
(where I was headed anyway), do my copies, call my wife, and ditch the

Last night, in the cold, I install a new belt procured from the dealer
at the discount price of $27+!. Car got me to work today.

So, more questions. There are 2 things I need to do to get it to pass
the CT safety inspection:

1) Drivers side seatbelt does not retract. No tension. In don't know if
my car has the fancy belt that's attached to the engine in some way (saw
a diag in the manual of another car I looked at). If there an easy fix,
or do I need to order a new belt? Broken spring, maybe?

2) Hand brake does nor work. I need to install new pads and rotors
anyway. Should I do that first before adjusting the hand brake? If I
adjust it now, will I need to redo it when I change pads/rotors? Anyone
have the procedure on a web site? Not sure I understand Bentley

Oil temp sender update: The reason I could not find it is because
someone has replaced this thing with a bolt! A lister (have name @ home,
I'm @ work, so I'm sorry I cant give credit, I'm not yet familiar with
everyone's names) pointed this out. Thanks very much!

Ordered braided brake lines from TAP. $80/4. I use these on all my car
and like what they do to brake feel.

That's it for now. Thanks. Samir.