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Wheel fitment calculator software - version 1.1

Hi Everyone,

The new version of my wheel fitment and tire section calculator (ver 1.1) has 
the ability to calculate *approximate* +1, +2, +3 fitments automatically. It 
also has an integrated help facility and an "About" page. One user requested 
a mph version so now the package shows mph and kph both.  

Formatting concerns in the online help facilty have made me switch platforms 
to Excel 97. There is still an Excel 5/95 version available. It just has poor-
looking pop-up help. The Excel 97 version's help facility looks better.

Somebody has already asked for a wheel width compensation routine. There is a 
great deal of variation in the manufacturers' specifications - perhaps too 
much to do this reliably. The wheel fitment calculator assumes that the  
specifications you enter accurately describe the wheel and tire combinations 
you choose. 

Please try it out and let me know how the new version stacks up. Any comments 
or requests for changes for version 1.2 are welcome... :>

Thanks and best regards to all,


p.s. - if you missed the original post, it's a graphical tire *section* 
fitment calculator to help with tire and wheel upgrade questions. Computes 
lateral width changes, ride height change, additional clearances required, 
effects of wheel offset, etc. Download the spreadsheet from one of these 

Excel 97 version 1.1:


Excel 5/95 version 1.1:


Aaron Bohnen                     email: bohnen@unixg.ubc.ca
-Ph.D. Student, Civil Engineering Department, U.B.C.