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RE: FW: Cartridge Tool

At 02:00 PM 3/9/99 -0800, Perry, Chris wrote:
>This may have been covered already, but what I did was go to Sears and pick
>up an angled box-end wrench (22mm) and used my Dremmel to selectively remove
>some material around the box.  I put it on the nut, then used my 8mm allen
>socket to hold the strut shaft in place while I turned the box-end wrench.
>Hope That Helps,

you are describing another nut.
after you remove that 22mm nut, there is a slotted nut that requires a
special tool to remove.
picture a cylinder, about 1/2 inch high and same diameter as a 14mm
3/8-drive deep socket, drilled and tapped for the strut piston, with a slot
cut across the top flat.