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> > > My question: Can I remove/replace the vac. adv. unit just by
> > > undoing those screws, or is that arm attached to something on
> > > the inside such that I'll have to remove-from-engine/disassemble/both
> > > the distributor?
> > 
> > The distributor was designed while Team Doorhandle were taking a
> > much-needed break.  Yes - amazingly - it's _that_ easy.  Main hazard
> > is dropping the screws - they're very, very short and fall away just
> > as you start to turn them.
> > 
> Yes, and only _some_ of the screws need to be removed. Hard to tell
> right off which ones, but after you do it the first time, you'll get it.

Does having the replacement part in hand make it obvious
which ones have to be removed?