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Re Should I buy a 87 5000 cs turbo

You guys come back with answers fast. Thanks for the input.  To answer some
of your questions I don't know the price yet, probably blue book.  The
attractive thing is that the car is now owned by a German born and German
trained retired auto mechanic.

I am aware of the Transmission seal problem.  This same mechanic tells me
there is a recall in Germany. The dif oil is replaced with a special oil
that won't mess up the seals. He used to have a friend send the oil from
the old country but it is now available from Audi and VW dealers. (Special
order)  He clams this solves the problem.  My son has a 83 Audi.  Has the
window switch problem.  Has had a lot of trouble with contaminated gas from
rusty gas tank. Has this been cured on the 87 


>Actually the 5000 series is prone to some rather aggravating problems.
>That is partially why this list exists.  Problems include leaky steering
>racks ($250), dead/dying brake pressure accumulators ($280), leaky
>hydraulic pumps ($300 re-built, much less if you DIY).  Auto trannies can
>destroy themselves if the seal in the transmission fails and mixes the ATF
>with the differential lube.  Its routine for the automatic climate
>controller to fail with leaky vacuum solenoids and go into defrost only
>mode.  Also window switches get dirty and refuse to work, or the window
>regulator cables break and leave your windows stuck in the up or down
>If all this doesn't faze you, then the 5000 is a great car to drive.>


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