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Re: 85'Quantum synchro FS

In a message dated 99-03-09 15:15:00 EST, quattro@u.washington.edu writes:

<< I am selling my 85 Quantum synchro.
 Reason:  Ins. company totatled it with a recent hit to the tailgate.
 Needs: a tailgate , rt rear tail light, hoodlatch area pull! 
  and of course a new title.
  It has new tires, alternator, rear rotors pads,  sliver,black.
 1200.00 $ in the Seattle area.
 repond via email if interested. >>

Wow, must have under 50k miles for that tag. Would you be interested in an '86
QSW for 850$? Clean title, runs and drives, oh, and no bodywork needed.

Chris Semple
Concord NH