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Re: '91vs 90 V8Q [and other list threads]

Buchholz, Steven wrote:
> ... well, I checked out the "1991 Model Change Information" book
> (WSP-521-211-00) and found the following list:
> Audi V8 Quattro New Features:
> - available with optional 5-speed manual transmission with Torsen(R) center
> differential
> - Servotronic speed sensitive power steering
> - Shift Lock III on vehicles with automatic transmission
> - "BBS(R)" forged and polished 7.5x15 wheels with 215/60 HR all weather
> tires
> - Comfort package added to cntral locking (described below)
> - front seats lowered 25mm

The front seats _are_ noticeably lower in my '91 200tq. I always get the
urge to lower the seats in the '88 5kcstq, but they are all the way
down. Both cars have sport seats BTW. Not really a problem though since
the '88 is "hers" and the '91 is mine, mine, all mine,