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Re: RS2 Engine and 6 speed tranny for sale

In message <4.1.19990309144445.00a9fa00@pop.flash.net> Tony Lum writes:

> My mechanic just called me and says one of his suppliers has a RS2 engine
> and attached six speed tranny for sale, "new in box".  Says he wants $14K
> or $14.5K (I forgot which) for it.

These things again.  Two were sold for GBP5000 each last year by South
Hereford Motors.  One was shoe-horned into an S2 and I've seen the

The two sold in the UK came without looms and ECUs.  The S2 I saw was
using a 'roll your own' engine management system - a damn great box
in the plenum behind the firewall.  Reading between the lines, I think
they were having a lot of trouble getting it right.

 Phil Payne
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