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Re: 5K vs 200 bomb differences

In a message dated 99-03-09 18:23:34 EST, you write:

<< I think the only difference is the later bombs have a larger flat mating
 surface to accomodate the different style hose end seals.  The later ones
 use o-rings vs. the sealing washers found on earlier models.  I suspect the
 newer style bomb would work on the older systems using the washers.  
That's the only difference, AFAIK.  I am currently using a late model pump and
rack (large sealing bosses) on an 85 5Kt with a mixture of hoses.  All hoses
use sealing washers, except the pump to tank which is using O-rings.  Working
very well so far. (No leaks)

Jim Accordino