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A four ringed mouse trap

Phil wrote:

>BTW - what the H@LL is part # 8D0 998 098 for ("Installation kit for
>anti-rodent system, A4Q") and how does it work?

Funny you should mention it this AM. Yesterday I was scrutinising my
ETKA parts database trying to figure out if the Euro '97 S6 used the
same AAN engine as the '92-'95.5 USA S4/S6. 

To my surprise I discovered the "anti-rodent system" which I envisioned
as a gigantic computer controlled mousetrap somewhere in the vicinity of
the heat exchanger under the centre console.


And yes, ETKA help is in German and yes, you do need a 1280x1024
resolution in order to see the full screen.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros
The third one is in the works