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Re: More Racing News

Graydon, et al:
    I'm really confused...Cadilac is not involved in the IRL. Oldsmobile, and 
Nissan are, and yes I'm really saddened at what Tony has done to the best roundy 
round race in the world. Now lets see how bad he can screw up a F1 race.
    Thats not to say that the engineers a Cadilac would not like to go racing, 
racing was a large part of Cadlac's engine engineers after world war II, placing 
V8's in Alards, and Cunningham C2. Not that they had much success, but they did 
Rick Glesner
Littleton, Colorado
'91 90q20v
'82 911 SC
'83 Spec Rx-7 SCCA racer (for sale)